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Welcome to IFA Japanese Branch Website

  International Fiscal Association(IFA) is a leading non-governmental and non-sectoral international association dealing with international tax law. Membership of IFA stands at more than 12,000 from some 100 countries. It consists of high level representatives from both the private and the public sectors, including the Courts, Universities and international governmental and non-governmental organizations.

  IFA Japanese Branch unites the Japanese members of the IFA in order to represent their interests within the IFA and supports the effort of the IFA in the study of international tax law. Furthermore, IFA Japanese Branch holds meetings and seminars on topical issues of international taxation.


  • IFA Cancun Congress will not take place due to COVID-19
           Due to the current global situation with COVID-19, the 2020 Cancun Congress
           which was to be held in October will not take place.

           For more informations, please check the special message.


  • Postponement of All Regional Tax Conference 2020   
           The All IFA Regional conferences have been postponed to the Spring of 2021
          (IFA News).
           The IFA Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Hong Kong will be postponed to
           27-29 April 2021(URL). The programme and venue will remain the same.   
          The Central theme:The Future of Tax in the Asia Pacific Region
       Plenary1:Tax Morale in the Asia Pacific Region
     Plenary2:Environmental Taxes in the Asia Pacific Region:Do They Exist?
           Plenary3:Pillar2:The Remaining BEPS Issues:The End of Profit Shifting! Or Not?
           Plenary4:The Future of The Tax Profession: Is This an Inflection Point?
           and Workshops
        The Ocean Park Marriott Hotel
           For more information, we shall keep you in due course. 
  • IFA Competitions
           Due to the COVID-19, the submission date for the IFA competitions are
           postponed to 31 May 2020(except for Poster Programme).
           1.   As you know IFA has instituted the Mitchell B. Carroll Prize in order to
           encourage scientific work. This Prize is awarded for a work dealing with
           international fiscal questions, comparative fiscal law or local fiscal law with the
           emphasis on the relationships with the fiscal law of foreign jurisdictions.
           Competition for the Prize is open to lawyers, accountants and economists.
           【the Mitchell B. Carroll Prize
           2.   In 2010 IFA launched the Maurice Laure Prize. IFA has instituted this Prize
           in order to encourage scientific work on international indirect taxation.
          The Prize is named in honour of Maurice Laure, who was instrumental in the first
          implementation of the Value Added Tax system in France, now applied in more
          than 160 jurisdictions.
          【the Maurice Laure Prize
          3.   Further, IFA has initiated a so-called “Poster Programme” to attract young
          students to international taxation.
          The programme is open to a maximum of ten students graduating in
          international taxation who are writing a thesis on a purely theoretical or
         more practical subject.
          【Poster Programme
          4.    In 2014 IFA launched the IFA President YIN Scientific Award. This award
          shall be awarded for an article published in a qualified medium, furthering the
          understanding of international fiscal law or comparative tax law, providing
          practical solutions to problems arising in cross-border transactions or situations.

          【the IFA President YIN Scientific Award

  • Future Congress

         2020 Cancun, Mexico  October 4th - October 8th
         2021 Berlin, Germany  August 29th - September 2nd
         2022 Cape Town, South Africa  October 9th - October 13th
         2023 Lisbon, Portugal  September 3rd - September 8th
         2024 Melbourne, Australia